Cheating and Honest Casinos

Anytime money changes virtual hands on the internet, people are right to be suspicious. There are so many opportunities for scams and theft. Online casinos sometimes appear as just one more avenue for unsuspecting individuals to be taken advantage of. Thankfully, there are plenty of honest casinos, if players just know what to look for and what to avoid

Too Good to Be True

As in most sales pitches, if a thing seems to be too good to be true, then it probably is. Plenty of casinos offer bonuses, but for the most part, they are reasonable and fair for both the customer and the casino. If it seems like the casino is just giving away free money, then there's probably a catch. Bonuses that look like free money are usually sticky bonuses, requiring the player to spend any credits earned back with the casino, and sometimes even requiring the player to invest more of their own money to release their winnings. Honest casinos will be up front about any stipulations on bonuses. If a casino tries to hide the catch, then they may be cheating at other things, too.

Restricted Cash Outs

Any time a player deposits funds at an honest casino, they should be able to withdraw that many at any time as well. It is, after all, still their money until it is bet in a game. Some casinos, though, will make it incredibly difficult for players to withdraw cash and may refuse to release any rightfully won money. Players should read carefully any terms of service they are required to agree to before depositing money. If there are any barriers or unreasonable wait times for withdrawing funds, then the player should take his or her business elsewhere.

Honest casinos are out there, and players can trust that any experience with them will be enjoyable. However, players should still take steps to identify and always avoid the cheaters.