Playing Patiently in Heads Up Hold'em

How often has this story replayed itself: aggressive player has large chip stack, they play loosely, the tight player folds repeatedly, the aggressive player takes bigger risks to try to end the game, the tight player eventually gets a hand, they claim the pot. Eventually, they stand a good chance of winning the game if their opponent can't curb those aggressive tendencies. Don't let it happen to you.

Refuse to Get Locked In

If a tight opponent is cramping your normally aggressive style, turn the tables on them. Instead of getting locked in and losing because of it, become tight yourself. One of the reasons a tight strategy works is because it's playing against an aggressive one, so change the paradigm.

Tone Down the Bluffing

By all means, bluff away. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to put your opponent all in every time you do it. Not only does this encourage them to fold immediately, rather than seeing more cards and possibly donating more chips, it means you run the risk of letting them double up. Ease off.

Get Out Quickly

Tight players offer you an opportunity in the sense that if they are still playing a hand, it probably means they have something. Watch for the rare bets they place, and unless you have something incredible, get out. They definitely do, and you don't want it taking down your stack.

Patience is a hard skill to learn, and in much of Heads Up play it isn't necessarily a virtue. However, a patient player stands the chance of undoing you if you let them. So follow these tips, and don't let them.