Pros and Cons of Small Ball Poker

Small ball poker is a specific kind of poker game in which players bet more often and more aggressively, but they place smaller bets to reduce their potential losses. This game is best suited to accomplished poker players, since the style requires not only aggressive bets but a good deal of knowledge about betting strategy and poker math.

Pros of Small Ball Poker

Many players favor small ball poker because it allows them to play more hands, thus moving the game along at a faster and more exciting pace. Additionally, players don't have to put up as much money to bet and raise as they might in a traditional poker game. This makes the game seem less risky on the surface, since the amount of money you stand to lose each hand is reduced.

Cons of Small Ball Poker

Because small ball poker requires more frequent and aggressive plays and bets, your opponents will have more opportunities to figure out your "tells" and your poker strategies. This can make your poker strategy less effective over the course of the game, rendering your best bluffs largely ineffectual.

Even though it involves many small bets, small ball poker can improve a player's odds of winning--and winning more money--because more bets are being placed more frequently. To maximize these odds, however, you will also have to know how to read players and calculate implied pot odds more quickly than you would in a regular game.