The Ins and Outs of Rush Poker

Rush poker is like the musical chairs of poker games. Instead of staying at one table for the duration of a poker game, rush poker requires that players move to a different table every time they fold. This makes it an incredibly fast-paced game, and is best suited to those who don't have the patience for a typical poker showdown.

Irrelevant Strategies

Some of the strategies that are generally considered fundamental to success in a regular poker game are rendered largely irrelevant in rush poker. For example, table set-up no longer plays a major role. Since people are always moving around, your position at the table means less. Figuring out your opponents' playing styles also becomes not only less relevant, but also nearly impossible.

How to Win

The key to success at rush poker is patience. One of the benefits of the game is that no one knows your playing history, since you're moving from table to table. Use this to your advantage, and fold as many times as you want to wait for that great hand. Additionally, don't be afraid to make a significant bet when you're the big blind--this is how you'll score the best winnings.

It is possible to take note of some players' strategies during rush poker, and to determine who's planning to make a big bet. Those who stay longer at a particular table, for example, are most likely plotting something and have declined an opportunity to fold. This can be you chance to swoop in for a lucrative win.